Five Dock–Drummoyne Congregation
of the Uniting Church in Australia

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Who We Are


We are a family friendly Church. Our younger members join us for the first part of the Sunday service before going into Sunday School.

Coming from a strong and solid past, we believe that God has a purpose for us in the present time.

Our mission is to reach the local community and beyond with the relevance of God for today's people.

We worship God regularly at our Sunday services. We encourage each other to know Him better and to reach out to those around us with a message of hope.

We are a congregation with a heritage of good Biblical teaching, supported by prayer. We meet in small groups to study the Bible and learn together about God's vision for us. We welcome new members.

A large number of our group is ageing yet continue their discipleship with dedication to Christ and His mission. Our older members set a strong example of faith to younger members.

We are encouraging to those who attempt new things and those going through difficult times.

We extend a warm and sincere welcome to all visitors and invite them to stay for a cuppa after service.

If you are searching for God and looking for a home church, please join us!



The mission of the Five Dock-Drummoyne congregation is “to be people of faith in Christ, sharing His love with all people.”

The Sydney Rotuman congregation worshipping at Drummoyne proudly recognizes its Rotuman heritage and its mission is to share the Word of God with all people.


Our heritage


The Uniting Church in Australia

In 1977, three Australian churches came together as one. The Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches have been the Uniting Church in Australia ever since.

We are the people of God on the Way, a diverse group of many cultures and understandings of faith that will bring us into deeper unity with others.

The Uniting Church in Australia is getting ready to celebrate its 40th anniversary, remembering where we have come from and how far we can go together.

The 40th anniversary logo, which can be viewed as a starburst, fireworks or a dandelion head whose seeds are spread on the wind. The image brings to mind celebration, diversity and all the varied parts of the Uniting Church.

The colours intentionally connect to those that remind us of our covenant with First Peoples, the red earth and ochre.

The tagline, “All of this is us”, encompasses past, present and future – all that brought us together and formed us as we began, all that has shaped us has involved us over the past 40 years, and all that we hope for as we look to the future.