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The Sacrament of Baptism and Reaffirmation of Baptism

What is Baptism?

When should baptism take place?

How should baptism take place?

What next?

Our desire is that you as parents or a parent gain the true blessing of baptism – making vows before God that they are able and intend to keep. So before the Elders approve a baptism they need to be satisfied that:

At least one believing parent is committed to regularly worshipping with their local church, and ensuring that their child receives Christian training at home and church.

Parents who are new to church are asked to take part in a one hour session that helps them understand the Christian faith.

An Elder may also have some involvement in this process. Over a period of around one month (at least 3 weeks) attendance at Sunday worship, as parents grow in their faith, and as the church gets to know them, then the baptism is able to be considered by the Elders and the minister.

We understand it might not be easy to get to church every week, especially with young children, but that is our aim. This may mean that priorities are rearranged in order to fulfil the vows required to be made.

We want to help you come to experience the joy of knowing God and following Jesus for yourself as well as for your child.


Minister: Rev Don Everhart 9181 2047